Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa

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Basic Documents required:

1. passport which validity is no less than 6 months

2. visa application form completely filled in

3. 2 recent color photos (3.5x4.5 cm)

4. invitation letter (if any)

5. confirmed round trip air ticket or hotel reservation/accommodation reference (for travelling through border)

6. 40USD visa fee -- we accept only new USD note. good condition. No mark, no scratch

Additional documents for first-time application/holder of new passport

1. letter of employment (for employee) or company registration (for business owner)

2. invitation letter (if any)

3. evidence of sufficient financial means to visit Thailand

(estimately 800 USD/person) or prove of properties or letter from guarantor.

4. Copy of previous passport (if any)

Additional documents for applicant who has had extension of stay or many entries to Thailand

1. letter of employment (for employee) or

2. company registration (for business owner) or

3. Guarantee/invitation letter from company in Thailand


Visa processing time : 2 working days


*Please also note that Consular Officer reserves the right to request addition documents or interview as necessary*

Office hours: 9.00 - 11.00 hrs. Mon - Friday.